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Reach for quality design
- it's closer than you may think

Your brand, your package, your website designed by our studio
can be top class without costing you what you would normally expect.

Today our
design prices
are lower than ever.

How did we pull it off?
"Size don't matter"

LOW FAT design

Here you can get it
a lot cheaper than
in any Western-based studio

Lots of design studios and agencies can make you
an good brand or a website which will cost you a fortune.
And it is a huge setback for a new fledgling brand.
On the other hand starting with a cheap-looking
corporate design isn't an option either.

So we are offering you LOW FAT design.
What we did was we swept off the price list all the unnecessary
extras so that you could pay just for quality design.

How did we pull it off?

How did we manage
to lower the prices?

No tricks

We work in Russia

And Russian prices can be
ten times lower than Western ones.

We do not hire a legion of sales people

Most companies have a sales department for selling design to the customer
which of course increases overheads and makes the design more expensive.
We don't practice active sales – our clients recommend us to their contacts.
Instead of an army of sales people we employ a single coordinator
who is in charge of organizing the working process.
So our customers aren't charged to cover our sales overheads.

We don't inflate our staff

We keep it small by employing people who are experts
in several areas. E.g. a graphic designer can also be competent
in 3D modeling or animation.
This way every employee always has work to do: there are
no idle workers to pay for so we don't need to charge
our clients to cover that.

Who we are

We are an established Russian design studio specializing
in creating impressive brands, packaging, complex printing and web design.
We believe a new successful brand is always a result of mutual respect,
trust and cooperation between the client and the designer.
And we always try to deliver a bit more than we promised.


We have the experience of creating original brands
for Russian, European and American companies.
We know the subtleties of branding in almost
any field of business for companies of any size
or walk of life. The right trademark design
can help a firm become a real brand!

Details >

Package design

We are experts in printing technologies and materials
so we never propose anything we cannot achieve.
Quite often other companies cannot reproduce
our ideas simply because they do not know how.
But we do!

Details >

Web design

None of your run-of-the-mill web sites!
Ours will always stand out from the crowd.
At the same time we always
keep them user friendly!

Details >
We develop our online projects
in cooperation with Zet Graphics Studio

They are a team of experts capable of finding
the most sophisticated solutions to deliver
the web site what you need.


We have the experience of working with
various regions in different time-zones
from Ottawa to Magadan.

Why we are
client friendly

The end product we deliver is easy
and ready to use.

Why we always
meet deadlines

Long term projects always follow the schedule chart endorsed
by the customer where all the stages are described in detail.

Q.: What if you fail to meet the deadline?
A.: Err... frankly, we've no idea! We've never failed.

Why our customers
come back

85% of our customers are our regular clients.
Why would they look elsewhere if we keep them happy?

Have you downloaded
our price list yet?

What kind of design
can you get at such a price?

The best!

Just browse
through our portfolio

Did you like our artwork?
Thank you! It is very nice of you.

Please tell us what you think
we could do together

Email us Skype us
Should you feel reluctant to disclose
that your design was made in Russia,
we can specify this in the contract,
and the artwork will never appear
on our website or be shown
to other clients as an example.
We strictly honour such agreements
otherwise the portfolio you can
see would be three times bigger.
Please specify this condition while placing your order.

Our cooperation
will work
like this

We look forward to long term cooperation.
We know that efficiency means
good understanding and mutual trust.
And it comes with time.

If you have seen our artwork
and liked it you can fill
in the brief to specify
customer requirements.

Website design brief


We will then present a proposal
quoting the prices and times of delivery

See a sample

See a sample

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how much exactly a website
will cost before its concept and structure are agreed upon.
In such case we specify the limits the price must stay within.

Prior to starting work we conclude an agreement by exchanging
scanned documents signed by each party.
The invoice is placed for 40% of the amount of contract
(or 40% of the first stage cost in the case of a long-term project).


So we are set to start.
Here is how we are going to do it:

Stages of designing a trademark
and corporate identity
Stages of designing a package Stages of designing a website 4.

We always meet deadlines

Here the project will be completed.
We will hand over the mockups, give recommendations
on future use and be happy to help out should you have any questions.

Feel free to ask even if your
order has long been delivered
– we will remember you!

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